Kitteh redecoration committee takes on HomePlace

We don’t flinch much any more at the occasional CRASH we hear in the house. Marlynn the teen-cat has started a redecorating business – a home based one. Our home. She’ll move things and scatter both the noisy items and the silent ones. When done, she sits grinning, ever so proud of herself. We went shopping one day, so in our absence she crept up on a bag of yarn I thought was safe. An hour later we returned to a trail of varigated yarn strung through the living room, a strand wrapped around several chair legs and table legs on its way to the kitchen. In the kitchen some of the yarn lay in a path to the trash, then diverted under the table to the front of the litter box (Oh, no, please not in it), then back out to the living room and stringing down the hall to the bathroom. Half a skein of yarn completely unraveled in festive loops and knots. Art scooped up the yarn, I wound it into a ball and put it back into the bag. I tied the bag shut.


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