Letter to the Editor - June 3

I came to Marlin trying to fight for what people should have been fighting for, for years which is (Peace and Togetherness). I didn't come to Marlin to start anything negative, but what I found, I tried to end it. My police strategies are incorporated by the Oath I swore to, and the laws of this State. As the Chief of Police, I wanted to change the culture of the police department while serving the community. My passion for law enforcement has always been infections and I pray to continue that passion as I move onward and upward. Leaders must never put their personal feelings, politics or influence their power of leadership when decision-making. I pray my leadership among the community was appreciated. The police officers and dispatchers learned from the new supervision and expressed gratitude for what we brought to the department. Although today is my final day as the Chief of Police for the Marlin Police Department, I believe I left it better than I found it. Thank you Marlin Citizens for standing by me, I might not be there physically but I will always be there spiritually. May God shine light on you. See you soon. 

I'm leaving here a lot stronger and a lot wiser. As you go forth, remember that the heart records the appreciation, humility, and generosity that one feels when someone showers you with kindness.

I am an officer who has exemplified devotion to duty, brotherly love,  genuine compassion, and concern for all.


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