LETTER: Letter from Mayor (March 24, 2021)

Greetings Marlinites,

On March 13, 2020, Gov. Greg Abbott issued a Disaster Declaration regarding mitigation efforts under COVID-19.  

Within this declaration, he suspended the Open Meetings Act as it relates to formal public meetings. In this declaration, Gov. Abbott mandated that meetings be held so that the public could participate in meetings and view recordings of the meeting. Our meetings are live streamed to Facebook as a public page. Requests for email questions or comments are solicited prior to all meetings and heard during meetings by the council. The Marlin City Council follows all directives set by Gov. Greg Abbott and the Texas Municipal League (TML) regarding meetings. 

This mandate applies to other governmental entities as well. 

Per our city attorney: 

“On March 6, the governor’s office once again, by continuing his COVID-19 disaster declaration for another 30 days, extended the Open Meetings Act suspensions for another 30 days. His office tells Texas Municipal League staff that he should continue doing so for the foreseeable future. (Even if he decides to independently end the suspensions, his staff assures the League that he will give ample notice of that action.)”

Until we are directed to resume open meetings by the State and TML, meetings must remain closed and streamed. Meetings are viewable at any time on our City of Marlin Facebook page as they are streamed LIVE and will remain there. Any citizen who has questions, comments, or concerns for council agendas can email them to citysecretary@marlintx.net or call our City Secretary at (254) 883-1450.  

We continue to remain transparent in our operations regarding city business and progress. We will continue to do so as allowed by TML and State mandates.  

Once lifted, we will notify citizens of the ability to return to meetings and any stipulations that may be in place at the time. And as the year of COVID 19 begins to close, we are looking forward to seeing you all in future meetings as soon as your presence is allowed. 


Honorable Mayor Carolyn Lofton


The Marlin Democrat

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