Ol’ Jim Cathey an’ his Young Bride

On the Back Porch

Memorial Day, May 30, 1964, was the day we chose to wed.

Actually, I am not certain just who picked the date. I have absolutely no recollection of having been instrumental in this decision, yet I do recall thinking this date would make remembering our wedding anniversaries in the future some easier.

And I will say that I have never had a bit of trouble remembering that date until some illustrious member of congress presented a bill to amend the federal holiday provisions of the United States Code that would make certain holiday observances fall on Monday. Memorial Day being one of those holidays designated to be changed.

This was signed into law June 28, 1968 and took effect on January 1, 1971. But, having a country boy’s attitude about this, a new law would not faze me too much. See, I chose to continue keeping May 30th as the real Memorial Day!

I am sure most of you have known people that have that same attitude about daylight savings time. They have at least one clock that they never change. Granted, I have been known to be a part of Memorial Day Celebrations on their Monday dates, but I still keep in my head the proper date for Memorial Day and by celebrating on that day also, it promptly jogs my memory about the real reason that I remember May 30th, namely that little raven haired beauty that kept me addled and tongue tied until I asked her to be my wife some fifty- six years ago.

I thank God for her life and influence on my life and pray that we both continue to love as we live into our Golden Years!

So continue to observe your Monday Memorial Days as we pay tribute and honor those men and women that sacrificed and gave their all that Americans might live and enjoy the liberties and freedoms that are so dear to each of us.

We honor them by remembering them, by writing stories and songs about them, and by thanking our Lord for their valiant efforts to keep America a free and strong and a Christian nation. Remember that as we go to the polling places to vote. Our nation’s future depends on it.

Well, as usual, I climbed up on my soap box, but sometimes we need to have our memories jogged. May God continue to bless our Nation!

This year, Saturday May 30th had another significant action. My young bride and I were honored to share our 56th wedding anniversary as we honored our friend Jean Craig at her Memorial Service.

This lady would light up a room with her smile and she kept that smile throughout the day. Jean was a veteran and a patriot. She enlisted in the Air Force as soon as she was able to. She loved God, Country, Family, and Flag. And she loved the Johnny Cash poem, “That Ragged Old Flag” often requesting it at gatherings.

I was honored to recite that poem at her Memorial Service. So Long Jean!  


Ol’ Jim Cathey an’ his Young Bride

1960 an’ love was in the air’,

But folk, I shore did not know it!

Cupid kept things from being fair,

That scamp was smooth as a poet!


Sun sparkled through the school window,

and shined on a vision of loveliness.

She stood there, partly in shadow,

glowing, in that polka dot dress.


I am sure I had seen her before,

but it just did not matter at all.

This vision made my heartstrings soar,

an’ I took that head over heels fall!


I made my escape, plumb tongue tied.

Could not have said, “Howdy do, Mam”

even if I had up an’ tried.

My head a-spinnin’, thoughts in a jam.


I was light headed an’ dizzy,

a cold sweat covered my brow.

My thoughts left me in a tizzy,

I warn’t much good anyhow!


I’m just a dang ol’ country boy,

this sort of thang was a bit strange.

I’d used pert near every ploy,

durnedest thang I’d seen on this range!


But I’ll be dang, I was mystified,

An’ knew in my heart this was it,

so I give it up an’ quietly sighed,

Ol’ Cupid’s arrow was a direct hit!


But, I was not down for the count!

Figgered I had a ways to go!

Just survivin’ was paramount,

But, Cupid knew more than I did though.


Come to find out, I was hogtied,

No matter what I might have done,

‘Cuz Cupid ain’t to be denied,

An’ that arrow can’t be outrun!


So we tied the knot purty tight,

an’ clung to one another.

We faced it all, twas quite a sight.

An’ then she became a mother!


That baby girl, our pride an’ an’ joy,

Wow! Our life was shore ‘nuff fulfilled.

But then we had a baby boy!

An’ once again, our life was thrilled.


So life went on throughout the years,

with ups an’ downs an’ all aroun’s.

Some troubles that shore brought some fears,

caused lotsa smiles, an’ a few frowns.


But all in all, we made it through

with the Good Lord’s gracious stand.

So we smile a lot an’ say thank you

for His generous helpin’ hand.


An’ now then in our golden years,

Filled with a love that God has taught,

Complete with life’s grand souveniers,

An’ thankful for blessing’s God brought.


The wonderful years we have shared together attest to the fact that you are mine and I’m all yours. I love you Stella!

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