Our world is filled with God’s great works

Life is filled with blessings at most anytime of the day or night and often we take them for granted. But if you stop long enough to let all around you soak in, I think you would agree that our world fills each day with instances that we can only attribute to God’s plan. Think with me as we ponder the glory of an early morning sunrise and the promise that it brings. 

We all were once young and full of vinegar, but for many of us, that was years ago. Now as we are a bit long in the tooth and a tad slow, your memories carry you along and you often think back to those past glory days. Not too much different, just takes longer to get‘er done! 

Western ranching men, cowboys if you will, start their day before the sun gets its chance to bathe the world with light. There’s fires to start, coffee to boil, and critters to see about. Many times, a cowboy must fix his own breakfast, make lunch, and clean up his mess before he heads out. But this comes after he has seen about his animals. 

He knows the path to the corral in the dark where he softly calls his ponies name and hears the snuffling and eventually a whiny as a warm soft muzzle seeks the palm of his hand. Then it’s rubbing and brushing and putting out the morning feed as they both prepare for the day. Then a step to the tack room for a bridle, blanket, smoothed out to clear the wrinkles, and saddle, easy cinched until time to go. 

Memory drifts to the old days when you built a rope corral to hold the green, half-broke mounts that have been brought in by the young wrangler and the boss stands with lariat poised until you tell him which one you plan to work with this day. 

He snakes out a loop and snugs ‘em tight. You get your bridle on him and lead him to your saddle which will soon be on his back. You sense the tenseness in the air, and you know he’s going to buck just to say hello to the northeast breeze with its nip of cool. 

Yes, he will crow hop a bit and you try to keep his head up until you are both unlimbered and decide to head out. Well, times were different back then and you might say today is a little more gentle. Of course, you both have aged a little, but you relish the memories. 

Now is the time a cowboy will see about his own needs as first light of day begins to spread, revealing hill tops beyond the creek and a puff of clouds beginning to catch sunlight’s glow. He sniffs the cool crispness of the morning air finding no hint of the smell of rain and he prays that rain will soon come. 

With that he tightens his cinch and prepares to move on toward the southwest in the direction of Rock Canyon to check for wormies and other health needs of the yearlings scattered throughout that pasture. You get a chance to look at that water gap and check the fence beyond and scout out some deadfalls for winter’s wood. But now that you are mounted and headed that way, you slowly remove your hat and begin to pray. 

Just you and your pardner there enjoying the ride and you thank your Lord for the blessings of the day. You soak in the warmth of the early morning sun and stretch the kinks out of your back. Certainly, it was different back in the old days, but you were young then and looking for adventure wherever it could be found. 

As you would explore, you picked the hard trails and you jumped at the chance to rope anything that moved. Stories abound about cowboys roping deer and bears and yes, jackrabbits. 

You dismiss these tales as figments of your imagination, but what if you really did get a chance to rope a bear? Well, you shake your head and sigh knowing that is all in the past, but it could have been! You ease on down the trail knowing it’s easy to find the words to your prayer as you see God’s creation all about. And you are sure your pony agrees.



The first kiss from the Sun wakes the Earth from its sleep,

Sun-up is but a faint blush.

All life silently waits for the sunrise to creep.

In the first light of the morning rush, 


Get yourself up! For this is the day the Lord hath made,

Rejoice and be glad in it!

Accept this wonderous gift you would never trade,

Cowboy up an’ never quit!


Tight cinch your saddle  by firelights glow, as sun begins to rise,

Shadows in the distance retreat,

An’ dawn of breakin’ day comes as no surprise,

While the dark night foe sees defeat.


Without a doubt, each sunrise tends to bring hope,

A new page in our life, planned,

Bathing the morning as it lights the east slope,

God’s own work throughout the land.


A new beginning with hope devoid of strife,

An’ the day brings forth its story,

This western way, an’ freedom of a cowboy’s life,

As riders give God the glory.


Early morn abounds with a cool crisp breeze in the air,

That sunrise has yet to reach.

An’ the smell of coffee with its invigoratin’ flair,

The long nights fast to impeach.


An’ many a cowboy has given thanks to his God,

When his day has just begun,

Tho a bit uncertain of the trails he must trod

With the rising of the sun.


Yes, the fears an’ dangers that pester through the night,

For those that traverse this sod,

Are dashed away by the dawning of this light,

A true miracle of God.

 ©   Ol’ Jim Cathey


Lord, Thank you for the simple things in life!

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