Outdoor markets are a go; however, the chicken went

by Helene Burnett 

I peeled one eye open when the clock went off at 5:45 a.m. Didn’t take a second to hit the snooze bar. Nine minutes later I turned off the alarm. I’d stay in bed one more minute... I woke at 6:26. Not the way to start the first market of the season, Marlin Vendors’ Market. Good thing Art had packed most of our stuff the night before. Off to Marlin we went.

Traditionally, we hit the arches for a comfort stop and quick breakfast. We couldn’t skip that. Once fortified, we zipped over to Courthouse Square. Temperature? Forty-four degrees, maybe? Hubby appeared so cheerful as he set up our canopy with some help. His schedule included docent training at the Museum, which had heat. He’d skip the cold. Why did I think a sweater over a T-shirt was a good idea? When items were in its place I’d wrap myself in the blanket I had the good sense to bring.

Before I’d finished, Pattie had filched my famous rubber chicken purse (filled with plastic bags) and was sprinting down the sidewalk, laughing like a maniac. It’s taken two years, but she’s managed to finally “get the chicken.” Hubby sounded the alarm, and everyone applauded her efforts. She returned the chicken. It’s good to begin the day with a laugh and friends. We finished set up and I got wrapped in my blanket. The cold wind cut right through it. I doubled it and wrapped up again. Distracting.


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