Paying Attention To The Little Things

Have you ever noticed that every time you go swimming in the ocean, there is always someone that will warn you and say, "Watch out for the sharks!"

Now we have been warned to watch out for the sharks, but has anyone ever said to you, "Watch out for the jelly fish."

The fact is, jelly fish are far more dangerous. Each year they kill more people than sharks do. 

Do you ever take a walk in the park? Has anyone ever said to you, "Watch out for the bees."

Did you know that bees kill more people each year than sharks and jelly fish combined.

We tend to spend our lives worrying about the sharks because sharks are big and scary. And we tend to ignore real threats because, by themselves, they are not all that intimidating.

Don't let the little things in life fool you. You ignore them at your own peril. Every good marriage...Every good employee...Every good business succeeds because they have learned to pay attention to the little things.

Jesus told a story about a servant who was given some money to manage and because he managed it well, he was rewarded by his master. The master said..."You have been faithful in handling a small amount, so I will give you many more responsibilities." (Matthew 25:21) 

Our greatest wins and losses in life result from our ability to master the seemingling minor details. Don't give the sharks more attention than thy deserve, especially at the cost of ignoring the jelly fish. It's the little things that hold us back and the little things that move us forward.

So always pay attention to the "Little Things."

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