Talkin’ to the Boss

On the Back Porch

Howdy Folk, my young bride and I have just finished our prayer time, which I call, “talkin’ to the Boss.”  It’s a good way to start your day, but you will find  ample opportunity to quit! 

It’s tough to just “keep on keeping on.” Some folks say having “will power” helps. 

Fact is, your day and your life will have a chance to be smoother if you develop the habit of talking things over with the Good Lord. His guiding hand will steer you up that long narrow and crooked pathway while protecting you from the pitfalls and snares that clog your trip. 

But, be prepared to be surprised when you reach your goal…because sometimes His answer to prayer goes in a direction that you did not anticipate. Yet, you will probably reap greater rewards than you dreamed possible. 

My Ol’ Daddy always said, “The feller that begins his day by asking the Lord for His guiding hand, will find a smoother trail waiting on him.”  

Our Lord will help us find our way, but He will often challenge us as He helps us make good decisions. And we will learn as we go if we will just be open to God’s will. So be thankful in all things. 

After all, we live in the best part of our great state of Texas! And, we have been blessed to live in our top choice of locations in this grand country of The United States of America.  

At least, I sure can’t think of anybody I would want to swap with. 

Now, we know our country is in a bad way with life pulling first this way and then the other way, and we have to be smart enough to choose and make good decisions not only for us but for future generations of Americans. 

2020 has and will continue to be a challenging time-period, but Americans are a resilient breed of people, and we will bow our neck and make all situations work out. Each of us will have opportunity to make our choice. 

These choices are crucial in maintaining the direction of our own lives as well as that of  our Nation’s future. I think the following Bible verse would be a good first step. 

This Bible verse lays out a course of action for our Nation if we will just heed its message: 2nd Chronicles 7:14  “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

 Pastor Judd preached on this scripture the first Sunday in October. 

At the time it was written, it was directed to the people of Israel. But today it is directed to all of Gods people. O

ur nation seems to be overflowing with those that have turned from the path, a group of people that are intent on wicked ways and people that are blinded to the good that is in our world.  This segment does not desire to seek harmony with the world, they refuse to listen to reason, and they subscribe to hatred, violence, terroristic ways, and anarchism.

This has happened over the years, we have been overly permissive to a way of life that gives instant gratification, ways that brings destruction, even deviant life styles and as a result things have at times gotten out of hand. 

Can we change this direction? Yes, but it will not be easy. 

I think most of our population will agree and make an effort to help us achieve a way of life that will lead us in the direction that the Bible lays out. 

My Granddad, Papa Hop would tell you that God gave man free choice, and then he would explain that He also gave us the good sense to know right from wrong and a chance to trust and believe in Jesus as we pattern our life in the manner of the life He lived. 

The Bible is the true word inspired by God and it gives us a blueprint of how we should live and it is loaded with promises that are worth seeking. 

My young bride Stella and I have voted, early and in person. We found the workers courteous, helpful, and following safety measures at each step. 

We told them that you are coming soon. Pray for our country!!

 I leave you with this prayer.  "Lord, we need You! Please sweep through this nation and heal this land. Restore our strength, renew our minds, and cast out anything that's not of You. In Jesus Christ’s name we pray, Amen."

Talkin’ to the Boss


He starts most mornin’s out on the crest of that hill,

jest a sittin’ proud on that big bay hoss

whilst he was a sortin’ out the plan fer the day,

with wisdom an’other words from th’ Boss. 


Near as I kin figger, a feller needs a guide

thet kin give ‘em an idea where to head.

‘Cuz most any hombre needs to foller the path

 an’ shore ‘nuff not drift the wrong way instead.


Life jest ain’t easy, no matter what trail you pick.

An’ any feller without sound advice

stands a chanct of gittin’ bogged down with all the fuss.

Keep in mind, ye seldom git to look twice.


So, he will sit quite, listen, an’ ponder on things.  

I bet he’ll find a way to figger it out,

if he holds the Bosses course, not snatch back the reins

fer what seems to be an easier route.


When you ast th’ Boss to put a hand on yore reins,

as you drift down life’s path toward the bend,

an’ if you’ll jest allow ‘Em to guide yore way,

He’ll see you safe an’ true ‘til you’ve reached trail’s end. 


As ye take life’s journey, do the best that you can

Watch out fer dangers that’ll spook yer hoss

jest look fer sign an’ be ready to make a stand.

Which ain’t that tough if yore “talkin’ to the Boss.”

 ©  Ol’ Jim Cathey   


  God Bless You and God Bless America!

Don’t forget to VOTE!


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