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What Is The Earth Worth?

Several years ago, the History Channel aired a program where they examined all the different parts of our earth and then tried to put a dollar amount on them. They calculated the valuables you would expect, like lumber, silver, gold and diamonds. But they also looked at one we wouldn't expect that are even more valuable like water and air.

Finally, they came up with a price tag. From their calculation, our earth is worth $6,873,951,620,979,800. That is nearly seven quadrillion dollars.

It is hard to fathom having one million, much less seven quadrillion dollars! Even the few billionaires of our world would look poor compared to such an amount.

So, what would you give up to be able to have that much money in your bank account? Most people would do almost anythhing.

And sadly, most people actually do nearly everything they can to get rich. But what have we really gained by becoming rich? Especially if it costs us everything spiritually?

Jesus asked in Matthew 16:26--"What is a man profited if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?"

Even if I had seven quadrillion dollars in my account and could literally afford everything, my riches stop at death. I cannot bring the money with me. I cannot buy my way into heaven. All the riches of this life are useless in the next.

And yet, just one drop of Christ's precious blood is enough to bring me to heaven. There is so little true value in this world's riches.

Let's keep in mind what is truly valuable and instead pursue those heavenly treasures.

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