Who is the patron saint of Valentine’s Day?

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Who is the patron saint of Valentine’s Day?

Believe it or not, that fact is clouded in a bit of a mystery.

For ages, February’s most celebrated day is the 14th, Valentine’s Day. A day that is historically associated with romance. It also has roots from both ancient Roman and Christion traditions.

The mystery revolves around which Saint Valentine is the true Saint Valentine. According to history from the Catholic Church, there were three priests named Valentine that were martyred in Rome during the third century and executed by Emperor Claudius II. All three of these men were sympathetic to Christians and to young lovers.

One of these reportedly sent the first valentine to a young girl that he had fallen in love with and signed it, “From your Valentine.”

As history shows, there will be stories to substantiate the legend and they all portray Saint Valentine to be a romantic and sympathetic hero of the time period and one that lives on today in the hearts of lovers worldwide! February is the month of love!

The mythical Cupid waits for the chance to shoot that arrow into the hearts of lovers as well as innocent bystanders. This is the time for valentines, flowers, and candy. Now, a warning to the gentlemen … be smarter than my friend of years ago, this goober procrastinated until after work on the 14th and could only find a card for his wife that said, “To a good friend” resulting in, well to put it lightly, a strained relationship!

OK, OK, I know most of you are smarter than that, but I ‘spect a few of you could be suspect! As my Ol’ Daddy would say, “Bein’ sweet on a lady is when a feller gets his love an’ ignorance mixed up!”

But, legend has it that my own Ol’ Daddy’s reaction to my Sweet Mama’s acceptance of his marriage proposal was that he kissed her … but Mama said, “Not so, ‘cuz he kissed his horse!”

I thank the Good Lord for providing a good woman that was willing to put up with me through all these years. Believe it or not, this May will mark 56 married years that followed four years of “courtin’.” Great memories came from walking side by side holding hands as we trailed through life’s journey.

Truth is, I love my young bride Stella! The Bible tells us...

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