Winged wackos bar the way

I’ve concluded the birds have it out for me, especially when I’m driving. To my knowledge I haven’t done anything to any birds (lately anyway), so what’s the deal?

Buzzards stand in the road enjoying a less than fresh picnic as I’m on my way to work. A few spring up into the sky as I approach closer. Four stay right where they are, defending their right to the tasty roadkill they spotted from afar. I’m getting closer and the four continue to hold their ground. As if I want that tatty looking armadillo. I’m about four yards from the group, and they don’t look very concerned. Do they expect me to leave the road and drive through the ditch? Finally I lay on the horn and the creepy birds flogged their way slowly up into the sky, narrowly missing my windshield. They’re every bit as graceful as they are bea-u-ti-ful.


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