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Big Brent Murphy of the Marlin bantam peewee team rumbled his way into the end zone on a monster 68-yard rush.

Bantams crush Teague ready to enjoy bye week

The bantam peewee team of Marlin continues to keep on rollin’.

This week they will roll right into a bye week, which is much deserved for all of the Marlin Peewee teams.

The bantams and juniors will go into the bye week following great performances Saturday morning against the Teague Lions.

The bantam’s defense was the key factor in their game against Teague. The defensive line of the bantams continued to torture the Lions offensive line as they broke through for a total of 11 sacks in the game.

Jonathon Davis alone recorded a total of 6 sacks, as the offensive linemen of Teague could not find a way to contain him or even slow him down enough to get the ball off.

Offensively the bantams continued to razzle and dazzle much like they have throughout the first part of the season putting up 36 points in the bantams 36-0 win.

Brother Germarquis and Jujack Robinson kept on rollin’ over and through the defense as Germarquis finished the game with one touchdown and 68 yards rushing.

While brother Jujack completed the game with one touchdown and 54 yards rushing.

Big Brent Murphy found himself holding onto the rock for a carry that went for an outstanding 68 yards all the way to the house for the first touchdown of the game early in the second quarter.

Hemie Flucker saw plenty of action in this game as he scored twice going for 163 yards of total offense.

If there were any concerns about team chemistry going into the season, then those concerns are all but faded away at this point.

Collectively the bantams work as one unit. From the snap of the ball to the final whistle on the play, from the running backs to the linemen, they play as one.

Which is what has led them to 135 total points scored since the first game. The defense is just a deadly as they have only allowed a total of 18 points to be scored.

Now they will enjoy the much needed bye week with a record of 4-0 on the season, but they are also now 14-0 since last season.

The junior peewee team now sits on a 3-1-season record.

The game against Teague was ended prematurely do to a sudden attack from some very hyped up bees.

The next time these two teams hit the field it will be on the road against Corsicana. This will be one of the tougher challenges this season for Marlin.

Last season Corsicana and Marlin met twice, during the regular season and during the playoffs and both times Corsicana proved to be worthy opponents.

Marlin will take the next week to partially rest up their players, but also to put in the needed work to get the teams ready for that game.

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