Marlin Bulldogs are finding the right track

The Marlin Bulldogs and their new coaching staff are searching to find an identity for this team. So far they have been making progress just not fast enough to suit any of them.

This week they have a bye and it comes at a good time for the Bulldogs after they suffered their 2nd consecutive loss. Offensively and defensively they have had their moments of greatness but have not been able to establish any consistency over the season.

They have played two quarterbacks in Kerry Collins II, and James Blake. Collins led them to their only victory but has since been replaced by Blake who is considered a much better and more accurate passer.  Both have demonstrated that they have the ability to lead the team.

Halfback Sir Charleston Lee has had bright spots and shown both quickness and elusiveness. However, the inconsistency in line play has limited his ability to make plays for the team.

Receiver Alik Brooks has been solid and proven to be a capable receiver when the ball comes his way. The Bulldogs just need to find a way to become more consistent making first downs and moving the chains. That allows their defense to get enough rest to take care of their business as well.

It was another close but tough loss for the Marlin Bulldogs on Friday night when they met the McGregor Bulldogs on the road.  Marlin would play tough throughout and had opportunities to obtain a victory but just could not pull the right switches at the right time to make it happen.

The end result was a 23-17 defeat dropping their season record to 1-3. This is not the start the young Marlin team had hoped for but there is room for optimism and improvement. The talent is present and they will hopefully get it all on the right page going forward.

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