Marlin track teams compete in Chilton

Last week the Marlin boys and girls track teams participated in a track meet hosted by Chilton High School. 

Girls: Finished third with 109 points

Long jump: Fantasia Massington - 5th place

Keundra Wilson - 1st place

Triple jump: Keundra Wilson - 1st place

Shot Put: Anastasia Cleveland - 6th place

Saniya Suiters - 1st place

Discus: Anastasia Cleveland - 3rd place

100m dash: Keundra Wilson - 1st place

400m dash: Cerenity Thomas-Judie - 4th place 

100m hurdles: Anastasia Cleveland - 2nd place; Kya Mitchell - 1st place

300m hurdles: Kya Mitchell - 1st place

4x100- 2nd place: Sharyia Womack, Cerenity Thomas-Judie, Kya Mitchell, Keundra Wilson

4x200 - 3rd place: Sharyia Womack, Cerenity Thomas-Judie, Anastasia Cleveland, Keundra Wilson

Boys: Finished first with 137 points

110m hurdles: Christian Diles - 2nd place

300m hurdles: Christian Diles - 3rd place

Shot Put: Braden Steele - 1st place; Kenny Hayes - 2nd place

Discus: Braden Steele - 1st place; Mario Hopwood - 2nd place

High jump: Aarik Smith Shelley - 2nd place

100m dash: Jaden Ray - 5th place; Keyshaun Massington - 3rd place; I’Aire Kee - 1st place 

200m dash: De’Angelo Wright - 5th place

400m dash: TiQuorry Bailey - 2nd place

Long Jump: Jacorian Johnson - 6th place

Triple jump: D’Mariion Butler - 4th place; De’Angelo Wright - 1st place

4x100 - 1st place - I’Aire Kee, Jaden Ray, Keyshaun Massington, and Caden Judie

4x200 - 2nd place - TiQuorry Bailey, Jaden Ray, Keyshaun Massington, and Christian Diles

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